Global research community for infectious disease diagnostics

Our focus

Rapid Diagnostics

Affordable rapid diagnostics to get results in minutes, not days!

Reaching patients BEFORE & AFTER they visit the clinic

Instrument free technologies aimed at patient friendly experiences for wider reach

Open Sourced

OpenDx diagnostic kits and protocols are open sourced for anyone to develop their own diagnostic tests, anywhere in the world

About Us

Born at MIT. Growing up in your lab.
Let's democratize diagnostic innovation with transparent design & engineering

Diagnostic innovation, can and will happen in the developing world, in your neighborhood, and faster than we can imagine. Diagnostic construction kits will make this happen, so we can help the neediest patients faster. We believe everyone deserves rapid and affordable diagnostics. Our open Design construction sets allow scientists, laboratory technicians and healthcare workers to make their own paper based diagnostics your own facility. Our faith is in your own scientific ingenuity. We provide some starter tools. That's the goal of an architecture for open diagnostics.

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